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The power for game developers with low poly 3D models and textures  
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Free 3D Terrain

TerraindemoThe here provided height map files are for lossless quality in the PCX file format..Make sure that for some programs, such as Bryce or Terragen the height map file type must be converted (e.g. .PCX to TGA, BMP, TGA etc.).Each file in the download area contains a height map file (PCX) and a skin (JPG) that you can use as a texture.
An example terrain even as a walk-thru demo can be found here ( terrain_demo.exe - 2.5 MB ).
Before downloading, please read our Terms and Conditions / Agreement on the License-Free use!
The download is free for registered users.

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3D Terrain  3D Terrain  3D Terrain
001 Free Terrain.zip 520.510 kb 002 Free Terrain.zip 331.640 kb
 003 Free Terrain.zip 238.436 kb
3D Terrain  3D Terrain  3D Terrain
004 Free Terrain.zip 321.382 kb
  005 Free Terrain.zip 717.674 kb   006 Free Terrain.zip 320.241 kb
3D Terrain  3D Terrain  3D Terrain
007 Free Terrain.zip 483.119 kb 008 Free Terrain.zip 486.078 kb  008 Free Terrain.zip 506.432 kb
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