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The power for game developers with low poly 3D models and textures
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Agreement for License-Free use

1. The subject of the use
The agreement concerns private and legal entities, who make private and commercial projects.

2. License
With the payment of the purchase price the customer acquires the right to use the data temporally for an unlimited period and in unlimited number for himself and/or his customers. The same applies also to our Free content.

3. Restriction
It is not allowed to distribute the data as data base, archives or single data or on CD-Rom, other data media as well as in printing form. Holding of files or the entire material in the InterNet, in mailboxes or similar communication structures as well as in off-line terminals for Downloads is forbidden.

4. Obligation
Each person those the material of the GraFix DESIGN interactive® for commercial projects uses, is obligated on a visible place this text (as text or picture) to be placed.
"Additional Design: Terminal26 - http://www.terminal26.com" .

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