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The power for game developers with low poly 3D models and textures
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Free 3D Models
Free  3D modelleFreie 3D Modelle. Die 3D Modelle sind in folgenden Dateiformaten ausgefürt: MDL, MAX, X, WRL, FBX, 3DS. All diese sind in verschiedene Kategorien aufgeteilt, wie: Militär, Stadt, Fahrzeuge, im Freien, Raumausstattung, Pflanzenwelt, Menschen, Tierwelt und andere. Alles für Ihre 3D Projekte. [read more]

Free Textures
Free TexturesA collection of free textures. These are available in various areas, such as: Floor, ceiling, wall, metal, nature, sky, rocks, sprites and many others. Exactly what you need for your free or commercial projects. [read more]

Free Terrains
Free TerrainsFree terrains. True 3D landscapes as a SlimSticks height map images. (Grayscale image) [read more]
All for Free

Terminal26.de is a 2-D and 3-D resource site on the Internet that is created specifically for game developers and 3D designers in 1999. Our collection of 3-D models and textures for programs like Autodesk 3ds Max, Photoshop, Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Maya, Vue, Blender, and many 3D engine's like Unity3D, 3D Game Studio and another is large, ...[read more]
 Textures & 3D Service product Presentation
  Are you looking for a specific texture or a 3D model for your presentation or project and you found nothing ? Now you are in the right place.
Do not hesitate to make use of our years of experience and contact us. All orders are always realized quickly and exactly according to the customer's instructions. Of course, your projects and data will be kept strictly confidential.
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3D models online store is back27.03.2015
Dear Terminal-26 user, our online shop with 3D models has been re-opened. We will our offer systematically extend and update.
3D preview of planet textures28.11.2014
All planets textures can look with 3D preview on detail page now. It works with HTML 5 technology that is without Plag-in. Have fun with it.

Online shop was reactivated14.08.2014
Dear Terminal26 visitors, after a very long time, our online shop has been reactivated. Currently not all parts of the shop are active. We go to great lengths to provide as quickly as possible everything completely online.
Online store opening moved09.04.2013
Dear visitor, we have to postpone the opening of our online store at the end of April. We ask for your patience and understanding.
A new look at Terminal2603.02.2013
Dear Customer Terminal, honored guests, we like to welcome you to our website. We hope that with the new design of our pages have become more interesting for you.

Currently our online store is temporarily closed. We take great care as quickly as possible make it again active .


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