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The power for game developers with low poly 3D models and textures
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Free Textures

Ground   Ceiling   Wall   Metal   Nature
Free BodenTexturen  Free DeckenTexturen  Free WandTexturen  Free MetallTexturen  Free NaturTexturen
Steinbodentexturen, Metall Bodentexturen, auch Parketttexturen oder andere Holtz Bodentexturen.  Textures roof and ceiling surfaces. Factory floor ceilings, roof tiles. and futuristic-specific ceiling textures.  Wall textures, wall textures, concrete surfaces, textures for walls, facades and buildings.  Metal surface textures for technical projects, machinery, weapons, etc.  Texturen für verschiedene Natur- oberflächen, wie Grasstextur, Laubtextur, Baumrinde, Holzoberfläche.
Sky Fabric Rock  Sprites Other
Free SkyTexturen  Free StoffTexturen  Free FelsenTexturen  Free SpriteTexturen  Free AndereTexturen
Sky textures, sunsets, cosmic clouds, textures Regenwet ter and pure sun.  Various textiles, fabric, cloth, table cloths and towels. All textures that match the way the group.  Texture surfaces for mountains, rocks, or even single stones.  Graphical objects can be bunutzt as Sprite, Shape or BOB on various projects.  All other textures that do not fit in the previous groups.

All textures are tileable and in good quality JPG.
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