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The power for game developers with low poly 3D models and textures
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Terms of business

1. Offer, supply, conclusion of a contract
The orderer/user recognizes the following supply and trading conditions with the order of individual data on. Offer and supply are not-binding. Price adjustments remain reserving.

2. Contractual item
Contractual item is the material of GraFix DESIGN interactive® - Terminal-26, below as commodity designates.

3. Rights to use
The granted rights to use are not exclusive. No rights at the material are justified by the payment of the purchase price, but excluding the rights to use defined in aforementioned agreement for license-free use.

4. Legal regulations
The customer and/or user has the regulations of the law against the mean competition, author and publishing house law, the brand name - to consider utility model right. With injury of these laws by the use of the pictorial material the customer/user carries the exclusive responsibility.

5. Retention of title
The supplied commodity remains up to the complete payment in our property. The aforementioned right to use acquires the customer only with the complete payment of the agreed upon purchase price.

6. Supply
The supply (Download) generally takes place on danger of the client.

7. Entrance data for the Download area.
The data for the entrance to the Download area only given after the complete payment by E-Mail admits.

8. Adhesion
In no case GraFix DESIGN interactive® is responsible for damage, which should result from the direct or indirect use of the material from the Downloadarea of the Websites as well as the use of our Websites. GraFix DESIGN interactive® takes over further no adhesion for the injury of copyrights of third, as there would be trademark laws, registered trade names, protected products, Design, diagrams, personality rights etc.. The customer/user commits itself to catch up all necessary permission even. Claims for damages are impossible, as far as GraFix DESIGN interactive® did not act deliberately or roughly negligently. If GraFix DESIGN interactive® from any argument should be liable, then the adhesion height is limited to the commodity value.

9. Data security
s in the context of a handling of order conveyed personal customer data exclusively for normal job execution in computer-readable form are stored and used. A passing on from personal customer data third, from whatever reason does not come always. If GraFix DESIGN interactive® justified interest, e.g. in the context of a prosecution, to be near-carried, then is obligated GraFix DESIGN interactive® to the publication of the customer data concerned and the request concerned in the context of the law basis concerned will follow.

10. News information
By registering with the terminal 26, the user agrees - as long as its membership consists - to receive News information by e-mail
from us.

11. Area of jurisdiction
The area of jurisdiction is Berlin, Germany. It is used excluding German right.

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